Hulk vs Hulk Buster by Lee Hanho

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All i can say about fuck buddies to fellas is, be cautious

a girl will tell you lets have sex no strings attatched

and after the third encounter she’ll expose them hidden chakra string like


"so what are we" "what is this"

dont get yolked up out here


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is my Birthday! Fuck Yea 20!!

So I wasn’t expecting anything from anyone really today until my friend, who is going through with a divorce said she had a present for me, so no big deal.

Then I found out that she was getting rid of the game room that her and her ex-husband share.


I got a GameCube with Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, 4 Swords Adventure, DK JungleBeat /w Kongas, possibly Melee, Double Dash, Nintendo DS , Gameboy Color and Advance, Pokemon Blue and Ruby, One Piece Romance Dawn, Naruto Vols 34-56 and DBZ vols 1-26.

So yeah